Check Out the Mazda Concepts from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda's back at it again at the recent 2017 Tokyo Motor Show thanks to two concept cars and they've been really grabbing attention left and right; it's no surprise, of course, since our favorite Japanese automaker's ability to blend emotion-inducing styling with incredible on-road thrills. Let's see what they have in store.

First up is the Mazda Vision Coupe concept that's all about sleek lines and smooth surfaces unmarred by any unnecessary creases or corners. The long, long hood and short, short rear make this four-door coupe look like it's hitting hyper speed even before the engine turns on. The second is the Mazda Kai concept that's similarly sculpted and smooth but with a hatchback body style. Check them both out in the video below and try not to let your jaw hit the floor too hard.



While we wait to learn more about these concept cars, like if they're ever going to production, we welcome one and all to come visit us here at our Jacksonville, NC dealership and discover what our current lineup of new Mazda models can bring to your daily drives. We hope to see you soon!

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