Motor Oil Myths Debunked

As auto experts, we frequently hear motor oil myths. To help you become a more-informed driver, we will debunk a couple oil falsehoods now.

Some people think that the first half of a motor oil's viscosity rating, the part before the hyphen, indicates the oil's weight. In fact, ratings like 10W-40 and 5W-20 display winter viscosity values on the left and summer values on the right.

Also, folks believe that they can reuse oil filters after oil changes. This is a myth that could cost you significantly more money than you can save by not changing your oil filter. Dirty, saturated oil filters can contaminate new oil, and they can severely damage engine parts.

At Stevenson Mazda of Jacksonville, we welcome you to bring all of your motor oil-related questions to our dealership and service center in Jacksonville, NC. Call ahead to schedule your next oil change with us!

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