Clear Hazy Headlights with DIY Home Remedies

Headlights can grow hazy and dim over time because of weather and normal wear and tear. Scratches, yellowing, fogging and hazing can lead to less light available for your safety in night driving. You can try a few home remedies to restore your headlight glass.

Toothpaste on a damp rag is one simple home remedy for clouded headlights. Dampen the rag, apply the toothpaste, and shine the headlight glass or plastic. Insect repellent containing DEET applied to a dry rag can also polish headlights. Take care to keep the repellent off your car's paint: it contains chemicals that can damage the finish. Some DIY kits contain abrasives and polish, but are more challenging to use.

We can help you check out your headlights and recommend the best way to brighten them at Stevenson Mazda of Jacksonville. Our Mazda service facility is located nearby in Jacksonville, NC for your safe night driving needs.

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