How Do the Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

In extreme heat, the liquids in the battery can evaporate. In winter, those fluids can freeze, making it harder to start the car. Here is all you need to safely test a car battery like an expert.
  1. Begin testing the car battery by turning off the car ignition and the lights too.
  2. If the car battery shows signs on the two terminals of corrosion, use a wire brush to clear the two.
  3. The voltmeter is simple to operate. Take the red or positive cable, and attach it to your car battery positive terminal. The black cable is negative, and connects to the other terminal on the battery.
  4. Turn on the voltmeter, a reading at or above 12.4 means the car battery is working just fine. If the car battery reads under 12.2, it could fail, may not have cranking power, and might not be able to hold a charge.
Our crew at Stevenson Mazda of Jacksonville can also test or replace your car battery at our service center.
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