Keep Your Family Safe – Avoid Blowouts Easily

Nothing is more terrifying than a tire blowout. Loss of control of the vehicle, possible flipping, collisions or even worse can happen especially at high speeds or on bad roads. We want to show everyone in Jacksonville how to keep their families safe by preventing this terrifying disaster with some simple tire inspection practices.

Frontend Alignment

Potholes and bumps can cause your front end to go out of alignment. You’ll know if your car tries to pull to one direction regardless your direction. If you sense this, have it addressed by professionals right away. Do not procrastinate.

TPMS Light

If the TPMS light, your pressure sensor, comes on, check your pressure immediately. Don’t delay, this is serious!

Tread and Pressure

Check your tread by placing a penny in the grooves. If Lincoln’s head is mostly gone, you’re within the minimal depth (4/32”).

See your intended pressure in your manual or on your doorsill/fuel door/glove box. Add a pound or two for every 10 degrees cooler than average it is or remove for warmer.

Be sure to wait 3 hours for tires to cool before checking your pressure.

We want everyone to be safe on the road, so please visit us at Stevenson Mazda of Jacksonville to learn more about tire safety today.

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